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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Sp-read: July 2005

Dear Beloved,
Warm greetings from Hyderabad.

Family Relocate
At last, on 28 April afternoon, a coffee brown painted Eischer truck carefully drove in to our rented house compound at Tiruvalla. The truck was much bigger in size than our requirement and it came much earlier to what we had planned. Most of our luggage had got into the truck in a few minutes time, with the help of some ‘angels’ sent by the Lord for that purpose. There were others who called us on the phone, visited us on the following two days and even came to pray with us and say good bye before left for the station. Three of our beloveds took real initiative to drive for us from Tiruvalla to Chengannur and two of them actually did it. We are grateful for every one of them.

I happened to write an email to one of the member organisation of IMA. The leader of that organisation was away on travel and his secretary replied to me. We had some interaction since then and what quoted below is from his mail.

Yes Uncle. I am from Trichy.I met you in Trichy as well as in Mangalore 3 years back. Now I have joined full time youth ministry. …..Last year I worked in Chennai. Now I am assisting……. Our conversation in Mangalore played a vital role in my life to choose this Ministry. I don't know whether you remember it or not? I hope you are keeping well.Regards,Alwin JacobWhat Alwin said is a casual conversation which I don’t remember the details. But one thing I learned is, our conversation has far more influence than what we can imagine. Our words can distruct or build. Let us be aware of this and continue to build people when ever and where ever possible.

Pray for the Unreached people groups
The unreached people are not just in remote villages but throught all kinds of societies including the most modern one. There are several ethnic groups of people among which the gospel is not yet penetrated or some one has not effectively witnessed. Missions, Churches and Christians have to strategize praying for these unreached, start going as witnesses or stand with people who are willing to go. This great task of reaching the majority population can not be done by pastors or career missionaries alone. We need to see people including us, taking up these challenges, starting with our next door.

We, the research and communication team in India Missions Association (IMA) work towards this, collecting information and presenting it in different formats of communication so that the Lord’s message will be communicated to the ends of the earth and His church will be planted among each people group, language, and geographical regions of our nation and other parts of the world.During these weeks, we are involved in the following compilations and productions in addition to the regular communication tools published from IMA weekly, monthly and quarterly.
-Brief profiles of 150 major unreached people groups of India.
- 30 days prayer book let for Asians in Africa.· A CD of Mission Movements in India.
- Several other cards and posters on the above themes.
- A website about all the UGC affiliated colleges and technical institutions in India to identify the unreached colleges.

We will be in Bhuvaneshwar during 20-23 this month for the IMA national conference which will be represented by about 198 member missions in India. We are working on completing several productions before it.

Children off to School
Which school, how do we send them, how do we work out the special kind of attention Joash needed?, all these were great concerns and we were trying to exercise our faith in all these. In several senses, it was not an easy decision and we could not postpone it beyond a limit. Finally they are going to school. The risen Lord is there and that is the only motivation for us to make decisions in the midst of uncertainties, most often the last minute. (This is just a plain truth even some of our closest friends don’t comprehend).Joash and Japhia go to a school, the gate of which is about 50 meters away! We love your prayers for them as to Hindi subject, and special professional spelling and reading help for Joash. We are engaging or taking Joash to a few different tutors including a specially trained. A lot of details need to be worked out and we appreciate your prayers. Both of them were hit by a motorcyclist a few weeks ago and escaped with out much injury. They were taken to hospital and X-rays showed no internal hurts. Thanks and praises to God.

Parents at home are safe so far and Jessy had gone to be with them for sometime. She will be back here in a weeks time as I have to go to Bhuvaneshwar for the national conference of the Missions in India.
Pray with us that Ammachi will experience a special touch from the Lord. Kindly also pray that they will be strengthened spiritually that they will and will positively support our cause.

We appreciate hearing about you.
May the Lord continue to bless you and help you to be a blessing.If you are interested to pray specifically and stand with us in the work we do for reaching the least reached of our country through research and communication, please do tell us that we can give you more information frequently.With love prayerful regards.
Jerusha, Japhia, Joash, Jessy and Philipose

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